Introducing Sambambo, a dynamic sax player, singer, and bandleader whose passion for jazz and Black American Music shines through in every performance. Seamlessly transitioning between singing and playing, sometimes in the same breath, Sambambo delivers a captivating mix of jazz standards, popular songs, and original music.

With her own band, Sambambo has graced the stage Upstairs at Ronnie Scott’s three times and performed at the Greenbelt Festival twice. Her versatile talent can often be found in the background of pubs on most Sundays, enchanting audiences with her soulful saxophone and vocal prowess. She collaborates with numerous independent artists in the UK jazz and soul scene, as well as queer international artists, showcasing her love for sax everywhere.

Dedicated to advancing women in sound engineering, Sambambo recently graduated with a BA in Composition and Music Production. She has led the recording and production of her own released music, demonstrating her skills by mixing herself.

Sambambo’s expertise includes:

Sax playing
Jazz singing
Her performances are a testament to her deep love for music and her commitment to excellence in both playing and production.

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