Roman Ackley

Introducing Roman Ackley, an international boylesque and stunt performer renowned for his mad, bad, and confusing to know persona. With his New Romantic costumes and bizarre antics, Roman has entertained and astonished audiences across Europe and Australia, bringing both laughter and screams to thousands.

Roman’s performances are a unique and captivating blend of classic burlesque, vaudeville, and slapstick comedy. His acts include fan dancing, fire spitting, and belly-flopping into broken glass, ensuring that his shows leave audiences smiling and him in stitches.

Roman Ackley offers a wide range of skills and is happy to devise new work on commission, including creating bespoke acts, props, and costumes. His extensive repertoire includes:

Circus arts
Fire performance (eating, breathing, and flow)
Sideshow acts (dancing on broken glass, blockhead, stapling)
L.E.D. dance
Knife games
Whip cracking
Divination (tarot, palmistry, scrying)
Immersive theatre
Burlesque and stripping
Whether on stage or in an immersive theatre setting, Roman Ackley’s performances are sure to leave a lasting impression with their daring and originality.

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