Patty Lily

Introducing Patty Lily, an exceptional Italian performer renowned for her talents as a singer and dancer. With expertise in belly dance and fusion dance, she brings a captivating and dynamic presence to the stage.

Musical Genres:

Vintage music and jazz in the Hollywood style of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, and Peggy Lee.
Pop music from the 90s and 2000s, featuring hits from artists such as Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Britney Spears, and Dua Lipa.
Every show by Patty Lily is a dazzling spectacle, enriched with sparkling outfits, mesmerizing dance moves, and scenic props including wings, LEDs, and fans. Her versatility as a dancer, singer, jazz singer, pop singer, belly dancer, and fusion dancer ensures an unforgettable performance.

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