Aerial Skills – Kee La Basa

Introducing Kee la Basa, a versatile and dynamic performer known for captivating audiences with a wide range of talents. Kee la Basa excels in acting, dancing, and drag performances, bringing a unique and vibrant energy to every show.

In addition to their acting and dancing skills, Kee la Basa is a seasoned circus performer with expertise in aerial skills and specialist acts. As a character actor, they bring a compelling presence to the stage, embodying diverse roles with authenticity and flair.

Kee la Basa’s talents also extend to the musical realm as an accomplished drummer. Their performances often feature a blend of Nerdlesque, a playful and entertaining style that merges nerd culture with burlesque.

Whether on stage, in the air, or behind a drum set, Kee la Basa delivers unforgettable performances that leave a lasting impression on any audience.

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