jolene dover


  • Versatile Talent: Jolene Dover is a dynamic drag performer whose repertoire includes live singing, stand-up comedy, and engaging crowd work, showcasing her wide-ranging talents.

  • 15-Year Career: With a glittering career spanning 15 years, Jolene has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry, performing on stages ranging from theatres to TV and film sets.

  • Powerhouse Vocals: Jolene commands audiences with her powerful vocals, delivering unforgettable musical performances that leave a lasting impression.

  • Quick Wit and Comedy: Known for her quick wit and humor, Jolene elicits uproarious laughter with her stand-up comedy, engaging audiences with her sharp comedic timing.

  • Crowd Engagement: Jolene’s engaging crowd work ensures that every performance is interactive and memorable, creating a unique experience for each audience

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