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Balloon Dancers

balloon dancers BESPOKE dancer ENTERTAINMENT Unique Performances: Balloon dancers incorporate balloons into their dance routines, creating visually stunning and playful performances that captivate and entertain

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disco podium dancer BESPOKE dancer ENTERTAINMENT High-Energy Performances: Disco podium dancers bring the vibrant and infectious energy of disco to life, captivating audiences with their

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80s Dancers

80s Dancers BESPOKE dance ENTERTAINMENT Retro Vibes: 80s dancers bring the vibrant and iconic dance styles of the 1980s to life, captivating audiences with their

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DJ Pixie

dj pixie BOOK A DJ Energetic Atmosphere: DJs create an energetic and lively atmosphere, skillfully mixing tracks to keep the dance floor packed and the

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GoGo Dancer

gogo dancer BESPOKE dancer ENTERTAINMENT High-Energy Performances: Gogo dancers bring high-energy and dynamic dance routines that keep the crowd engaged and the party atmosphere alive,

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gisele BESPOKE drag ENTERTAINMENT Diverse Talent: Gisele is a multifaceted performer, seamlessly blending visual artistry, cabaret drag, and gogo dancing to create captivating and dynamic

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Humbug Santa

humbug Santa BESPOKE christmas ENTERTAINMENT Unique Twist: Humbug Santa offers a fun and humorous twist on the traditional Santa Claus, delighting guests with his grumpy

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Christmas Snowman

christmas snowman BESPOKE christmas ENTERTAINMENT Festive Appearance: A Christmas Snowman brings the classic holiday character to life, delighting guests with its cheerful and recognizable appearance,

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Vintage Christmas Showgirls

vintage christmas showgirls BESPOKE showgirl ENTERTAINMENT Festive Glamour: Vintage Christmas showgirls bring the elegance and charm of a bygone era to holiday events, captivating audiences

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