Rock ‘N’ Roll Showgirl


  • Dynamic Performances: Felicity Felicis combines classic burlesque bump ‘n’ grind with rock and roll from every era, bringing hurricane-force energy to the stage and delivering a hedonistic experience that leaves audiences craving more.

  • Versatile Entertainer: Whether playing with fire or stripping her way into a whirlwind, Felicity is a true force of nature, taking the burlesque scene by storm with her captivating performances.

  • International Presence: Since her burlesque debut in 2016, Felicity has graced stages around the UK, Europe, and the USA, bringing her unique brand of entertainment to a global audience.


  • Berlin-Based: Originally from the UK, Felicity now resides in Berlin, Germany, continuing to influence and shape the burlesque scene with her innovative performances and productions.

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