STUNTMAN – Greg Dupak

Entertainment Mafia is thrilled to present Greg Dupak. Greg is a talented stunt performer known for his strong background in motor racing and unusually diverse set of skills. He grew up in Switzerland until the age of 17, then moved to the United States for his studies, and finally returned to London where has been working since.

With an innate sense of adventure and a passion for thrills, Greg has followed his love for ski racing from the youngest age, eventually becoming one of the top 5 athletes of his age in the USA. These years of dedication for the sport has shaped him into a well-rounded athlete, with the strength, athleticism, and body awareness that any stuntman aims to achieve.

Alongside skiing, Greg also played ice hockey, paintball, and took part in various motorsport competitions, where he discovered an insatiable passion for motor racing. Starting with karting, he competed for 2 seasons in the regional Rotax championship with several podiums. Then transitioned to motocross with top 5 rankings regionally. And finally evolved into car racing, where he explored various events from grip to drift, with occasional ice track outings. Being a mechanical engineer, Greg also builds his own cars to a competition-level standard, and plans to compete in the French drift championship by the end of 2024.

Having entered the film industry only recently, Greg has already proven a valuable stunt and precision driver in the Swiss TV show The Deal. From onboard and outboard cameras, to high-speed maneuvers, and controlled drifting, Greg is comfortable with any combination of vehicle and environment. He will strive under pressure and is committed to safety protocols while pushing the creative boundaries to bring action sequences to life.

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