François Rose

Entertainment Mafia is thrilled to present François Rose, a professionally trained performer. François Rose started bodypainting in the late 1990s in live action role-playing games. This experience had a lot of influence on his working approach: helping his models to express a character or an emotion rather than using them as a mere 3D canvas.
In 2004, He set up a team called “Étincelle” (sparkle) to develop and promote bodypainting to a larger public. He started to teach around that time, and has developed since then different themed workshops, i.e. textures and tribal design.
François participated several times in the face-painting and bodypainting contests at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, which he both won in 2006. He ranked fairly good in other international contests as well, such as the World Bodypainting Festival where he has been competing since 2009, teaching since 2013 and joined the jury in 2023.
In 2014, he made the first bodypaint artwork to be 3D-printed ever. His mindset is focused on innovation, trying to expand the boundaries of the discipline. He encourages peer artists to create out of their comfort zone during the annual “Labodypainting”, an annual experimental bodypainting gathering in Belgium.
Being the main photographer of his own creations, François controls every step of the creative process, from the concept to the final image. Book François Rose for your next event and experience the magic they bring to the stage.

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