top 10 new year's eve theme ideas

New Year’s Eve is rapidly approaching, and the dawn of 2024 is on the horizon. As we bid farewell to the past and welcome a new chapter, the question remains: how to make your New Year’s Eve celebration unforgettable? Here are our top 10 New Years Eve Party Ideas for the year 2024 that marks the continuation of a journey into the future. So, if you’re in need of inspiration, let Entertainment Mafia guide you with the Top 10 New Year’s Eve ideas for an extraordinary celebration:


The glitz and glamour of New Year’s Eve sparkling with Golden delights, wealth, grandeur and prosperity. We have the talents to add sparkle, glitz and glamour; from our beautiful golden burlesque dancers to glitter golden partially clad male performers. Decorating venues into a luxurious gold opulent event. With golden Chinese pole performers, A troupe of white and silver feather fan dancers, A Fabergé Egg performance.

A white baby grand piano with tuxedo suited pianist and glitzy songstresses draped beautifully, A dove magician and his divine assistant to Silver clad tap dancers in choreographed routines. Walkabout butlers each with their own talent to entertain guests with acrobatics, up close magic, card tricks, beatboxing and even comedy pick pocketing. This theme lends itself well to the most glamorous of all dressing up and keeps the feeling of wealth and glamour throughout.


Step into the enchanting world of the Great Gatsby this New Year’s Eve, where the opulence of the Roaring Twenties comes alive. Picture the venue transformed into a lavish gold opulent setting adorned with golden Chinese pole performers, a troupe of white and silver feather fan dancers, and a captivating Fabergé Egg performance. A white baby grand piano takes center stage, accompanied by a tuxedo-suited pianist and glitzy songstresses draped in elegance.

Witness the mystique of a dove magician and his divine assistant, alongside silver-clad tap dancers showcasing meticulously choreographed routines. As you revel in the Gatsby-themed ambiance, be delighted by walkabout butlers, each possessing unique talents to entertain guests with acrobatics, up-close magic, card tricks, beatboxing, and even comedy pickpocketing. The Great Gatsby theme encourages the most glamorous dressing up, ensuring an evening that exudes the essence of wealth and glamour throughout. Get ready for a night of extravagance and sophistication reminiscent of the golden age of the 1920s.

3. STUDIO 54

Step into the pulsating energy of Studio 54 this New Year’s Eve, where the glamour of disco and the spirit of the ’70s reign supreme. Visualize the venue transformed into a glittering spectacle, featuring disco ball-inspired decor, dazzling disco dancers, and a performance reminiscent of Studio 54’s iconic moments. The dance floor becomes the focal point, with groovy beats setting the tone for an unforgettable night.

Immerse yourself in the era of disco decadence as a live band or DJ spins the hottest disco tracks. The atmosphere is electrifying, with disco balls casting their reflections across the venue. Picture glamorous attendees dressed in their best disco attire, grooving to the rhythm of the night. Walkabout entertainers add to the excitement, showcasing disco-inspired talents, from funky dance moves to dazzling light displays. Studio 54-themed revelry encourages guests to embrace the disco spirit, promising a night of dancing, glitz, and timeless fun. Get ready to relive the magic of Studio 54 and celebrate the New Year in true disco style.

4. AREA 54

A familiar New Year’s Eve scene on the outside with signs saying ‘Studio 54’ disco balls sparkle and disco music is heard. Guests are signed into a sparkly studio 54 reception and taken to the lifts/stairs/hallway entrance. Inside these entrances sirens go off and red lights flash ‘this is a government warning you are now entering a classified zone. Please keep your eyes down on arrival’.

You are entering Area 54 where disco and aliens collide. From extremely tall alien freaks walkabout breathing out of strange apparatus. On a gurney lies a giant alien of which government medical experts are experimenting on. Aliens on shelves and tv screens display the ‘real news’. Welcome to Area 54, an out of this world disco! Mad max style crews keep guests out of top-secret areas and DJ’s with cyclops eyes spin industrial tunes. United States presidents, half president half lizard with giant lizard tongues and glitchy dance moves. Gorgeous alien GoGo girls decorate the dance floors with choreography and LED space vibes. This is a top-secret New Years Eve party theme we love!

5. victorian new years eve

Prepare yourself for the glitz and grim of Victorian England. A blast to another era that will make your New Years Eve parties stand out from the rest. From cloakrooms manned by London pickpockets to glitzy showgirls and chandelier contortionists. This theme brings to life the Victorian era welcoming guests to dress in rags or riches. Old english buskers, comics and mimes litter the hallways of your event. A travelling circus showmen and his wonderful cast of eccentrics from strongmen to dwarf performers light up New Years Eve party.

This New Years Eve theme is filled with roaming Victorian characters and decor that essences rich Victorian England. From cockney sing alongs, choreographed Victorian dancers with smudged lipstick and dirty stockings to an underground Victorian lock in with live performances. Ring in the New Year with and Older Year!

6. high school prom

Think prom, think 80’s, think lamé. Draped in metallic lamé and housing rubix cube seating will be decorated with interactive and immersive performers that bring the theme to life. A double ensemble of frat boys wearing jersey jumpers and speak with American drawl, they carry American footballs and tackle each other throughout the evening and dish out the cheesiest of chat up lines.

An 80’s aerobic dance troupe perform choreographed routines throughout the evening and encourage guests to join in and learn the basic moves. Unconventional Prom king and queen made up of drag king and drag queen sit on elaborately over the top thrones and get progressively drunker as the event goes on. 80’s Breakdancers and bgirls with a large walk about ghetto blaster do dance off challenges with each other and guests. At midnight a dirty dancing double act perform ‘I’ve had the time of my life’ and all performers create a human tunnel for guests to run through all followed by a giant conga and a huge amount of confetti that falls from nets on the ceiling


Walk through the main Metro Goldwyn Mayer and into a night of Hollywood glamour. Gorgeous Hollywood movie stars with cigarettes in silver holders, fake furs and dripping with glitz they speak in American drawl. Actors describe the auditions they have just come from and how they are going to ‘make it one day in Hollywood’. Welcome To Once Upon A New Years Eve in Hollywood and submerge your guests are into a live movie set. A sign reads ‘Filming in Progress. Runners are carrying pots of paint and décor. People with step ladders. Directors in director’s chairs and movie cameras. Scene clapper boards, local reporters with old cameras.  Reporters scribbling down interview questions on small note pads. The director shouts ‘Scene’ and ‘Cut’ and scenes are carried out.

The Prop & Costume department. There are large interesting props, billboards and places for guests to have their photos taken. Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temples and Laurel and Hardy’s practice acts in the spaces between props. The ‘Wrap Party’. Directors and producers are congratulating one another on a fabulous shoot. Whilst glitzy dancers parade. Can-Can girls and stripy acrobats entertain as glitzy Synchronised swimmers do choreographed acts. At Midnight, the Grand New Year’s celebration starts and as New Year’s hits so do glitzy fire performers.


100 years ago alcohol was prohibited and deemed a menace in society. Now there’s a new devil, social media! On New Year’s Eve enter a modern-day Prohibition. As social media is outlawed and guests step into a Dystopian Orwell’s Big Brother future. Phones are banned and anyone caught with one will be publicly humiliated by the phone police. Captured and thrown in to social media prison. Run by social media mobsters this New Years Eve Theme is a tech saloon of hedonistic delights.

An underground Neon party. With caged go-go dancers hooked into VR machines. Performers gather together to follow guests and create conga line. A social media ‘nerd’ sticks verified sticker ticks on people as if liking them on Facebook. A people’s corner where performers one by one stand on a plinth and give their ‘news’ as if it’s been banned on social media. On stage and on the dance floor mixed cabaret performances from a performing Emoji to Let Me Take a Selfie Burlesque dancers perform. This is a modern day spin on the Prohibition theme perfect for a New Years Eve party.


Venture into a garden of mystical and earthly delights. As you choose a Mystical New Years Eve party, a new world of wonder awaits. Elfin and Pixie like characters, Flower Faeries and en-pointe ballet dancers will bring out the Arthur Rackham in your guests.

Enchanting them to follow each fairy will take a person to another fairy and give them a surprise, a petal/ a poem/ a feather. The fairies can read palms, feel auras and tell the future. Get ready to ring in the New Year with a Mystical tree man with swagger and charm. Leading games and sitting down to play a hand of poker with whomever crosses his path off carefully laid twigs and branches. The mystical New Years Eve Party is a wonderfully alternative way to start the New Year.


Set sail into the New Year on a sea-life, nautical adventure! Life on the high seas is a thrill ride and a nautical themed New Years Eve party is a real splash of creativity! Want to live your Mermaid dream? Love a good ol knees up and party with Pirates? This theme is a great alternative idea to New Year’s Eve parties and encourages guests to dress in their finest clobber. Like stepping foot on the Titantic. Live out voguing sailor dreams or feel like they are in a Wes Anderson film.

From Mermaids to Pirates and Sailor boys to Tropical show girls. Be the captain of the deck and when the clock strikes midnight witness incredible pirate fire performances to ring in the New Year. A nautical ocean themed event will send your guests on a voyage leaving them thirsty for more. We tailored an aquatic themed New Years party for White City House in 2018 and it went down a splash (see more here)

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