Grace Savage


  • Diverse Talents: Grace Savage is a 4-time UK Beatbox Champion, singer-songwriter, producer, public speaker, host, actor, workshop facilitator, and live looping artist, showcasing a wide array of talents.

  • 15 Years of Professional Performance: With a professional career spanning 15 years, Grace has captivated audiences with her unique live performances.

  • Prestigious Performances: Grace has performed on renowned stages such as Glastonbury, Sydney Opera House, and the National Theatre, and has delivered a TEDx Talk to 2,000 people at the Royal Festival Hall.

  • Music Releases: Since 2017, Grace has released 4 EPs and 7 singles, with her music receiving airplay on major stations like Radio 1 and 6Music multiple times.

  • Broad Artistic Impact: Grace Savage’s wide-ranging skills and accomplishments make her a standout artist in the entertainment industry, leaving a significant impact wherever she performs.

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