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Introducing Sylvester

  • Boundary-Pushing Entertainment: Inspired by the legendary bionic showgirl Viktoria Modesta, Sylvester is an awe-inspiring act that captivates audiences worldwide, pushing the boundaries of fashion and entertainment.

  • Stellar Track Record: With a history of headlining prestigious events, Sylvester has left a lasting impression on fashion and entertainment clients and agencies alike.

  • Notable Debut: Sylvester’s remarkable journey began at London Fashion Week, where it took center stage during the Hellavagirl fashion show, leaving the audience spellbound and quickly becoming a global phenomenon on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

  • Avant-Garde Appeal: Sylvester, a genderless masked creature, defies convention and embraces the avant-garde, showcasing a fusion of high fashion and fetishism with visionary work from London’s most forward-thinking designers and shoemakers, including Iliaz liazi and Jivomir Domoustchiev, renowned for their contributions to Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris.

    Versatile Performances:

    • Burlesque Performance: Witness Sylvester’s breathtaking burlesque act, where the human form is revealed with grace and allure.
    • Aerial Straps: Opt for a mesmerizing display of strength and artistry with the aerial straps performance.
    • Roaming Act: For a truly immersive experience, Sylvester can roam your event on four legs, tethered by a leather leash held by a handler, leaving your guests in awe.

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