Creative Studio


  • Transformative Experiences: Our studio designs transformative experiences through performance arts, interactive technology, and the human body, creating unique and impactful events.

  • Exploring Consciousness and Perception: We delve into consciousness, perception, and the sublime to craft new contemporary rituals that foster interconnectedness and introspection.

  • Innovative Media Art: Our media art installations and performances are a radical interplay of light, motion, and emotion, utilizing real-time tracking software centred on the human body.

  • Diverse Expertise: We work as artists, designers, and consultants for both artistic and commercial clients, spanning branding, cultural projects, video, XR, and events.

  • Academic Collaboration: Our practice is enriched by lectures and workshops, incorporating the latest scientific and technological discoveries through collaborative academic research.

  • Inspiring Interconnectedness: By blending cutting-edge technology with human elements, we aim to inspire a sense of connection and introspection in all our projects.

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